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I’m Sick of My Job

In Career on Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 4:28 pm

It’s like saying I’m sick of driving through the same route everyday. It’s monotonous, boring, there’s not much happening and the manager is an as****e.

Most of us take the same route to office daily, drive or ride. We know the route well enough to take off-peak hours whenever we can. We know the bumps, we know the turns, we know which lane to be on to proceed faster ahead. I don’t think we feel bored of commuting by the same route. It often becomes mechanical, and hence a smooth, uneventful drive to and from office.

Switching from one job to another is much like changing your route. Before doing that, review what’s bothering you. See how you can make things better. Most often, it’s the people who make a difference at work. Try to mingle and jingle.

It’s nice to remember this. If we’re driving on the same route everyday, we could drive at higher speed and be safe at the same time. We could get efficient, we could multitask. Things which equally apply to your current job. Build on your strengths, increase your success rate and efficiency. You know the company, the people, the culture, where to look for things. Build on it.

If you’re still convinced that your true call lies elsewhere, go for it. No stopping you. Only this time, ensure you don’t get sick.


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